Now it’s Nokia Music that gets hacked for WP

All the ‘Exclusive-only-to-Nokia-Windows-Phone-Devices’ features like Drive and Nokia Maps have already been hacked and now to join the gang is Nokia Music which has been hacked to work on other WP devices.

All you need is an unlocked Windows Phone device. If you don’t have one, to unlock you can use the official Microsoft dev-unlock or ChevronWP7 Labs.

After which you can download the XAP file of Nokia Music and enjoy the service on your non-Nokia WP device. With all these hacks coming in, Nokia’s Windows Phone devices are just like the rest of the WP phones that are already in the market. Nokia has to very soon work on these easily hack-able apps to remain unique in the market.

Below is the Video of Nokia Music running on a HTC Trophy

To download the Nokia Music app for your WP mobile head over here.