How to enable Sleep Tracking feature on Apple Watch

Apple Watch is one of the most popular smartwatches out there, thanks to the advanced set of features that it offers. Starting with Apple Watch Series 3, the company has added support for the Sleep tracking feature.

If you don’t know how to enable this feature, don’t worry. In this step-by-step guide, we will show you how to easily set up sleep tracking and enable it for Apple Watch.


How to setup Sleep Tracking in Apple Watch

While Sleep tracking can be enabled on the Apple Watch itself, the easier way to do this is through iPhone. Before you proceed, make sure that your iPhone is running iOS 14 and the Apple Watch is running watchOS 7.

Step 1: Open Health application on your iPhone. When the app opens, select “Browse” from the bottom of the screen and then tap on the “Sleep” option.

Step 2: You now need to create your Sleep Schedule. Tap on the “Full Schedule & Options” and then under Full Schedule, select “Set Your First Schedule.”

Step 3: After you are done selecting the days of the week, bedtime, and wake up time, tap the “Add” button at the top-right corner to add the schedule.

Step 4: You can now set Sleep Goal and Wind Down. Once done, tap on the “Options” section for more options.

Step 5: In the Options menu, toggle ON options “Turn On Automatically” and “Track Time in Bed with iPhone” which will automatically enable Do Not Disturb mode.

Step 6: Now scroll down and on the “Manage Sleep in the Apple Watch App” option and enable the settings that you want.

That’s it! The sleep tracking feature is not enabled for your Apple Watch. So now, whenever you go to bed, the smartwatch will automatically start tracking and you can check out the stats in the Health app.