Everything you need to know about noise cancelling

Everyone is crazy about big screen, operating systems and what not nowadays. But, here’s the thing – there is a range of small features that ad up to make your cellphone experience next to awesome. One of these is noise cancelling.


Noise cancelling filters outside noise to leave you with what you really want to hear. How it does this is by the use of Active Noise Control (ANC). Basically, when you place a headphone around your ear, the electronic circuit in a noise-cancelling headphone transmits an anti-noise signal. This signal makes the speaker driver in your headphone release a destructive interference, which cancels all the noise around, making it possible to enjoy music without blasting your ears.

This technology was first used in airplanes to prevent the pilots from going deaf due to aviation noises.

Noise cancelling is also achieved by soundproofing your headphones for e.g. the perfectly fitted in-ear headphones, which do not let noise, leak out. 
Who produces this magic chip then? Well, there is a company called earSmart that care of your sound needs. Ever heard the name? Most probably not. See, a phone is made of many small parts such as this chip, which usually go unnoticed.  Which products use Earsmart’s technology then? Well, the Samsung galaxy Note, Galaxy SII, HTC Titan and the Sony tablet S to name a few.

One of the best noise cancelling headset in India is the Jabra Extreme 2. Its priced at Rs, 4,999.