Here’s another round of iPad rumors. Cheers!

The buzz about Apple’s iPad is heating up. Apple aficionados have been gearing up for action since long and an event invite for March 7th from Apple itself has added fuel to the fire.

Within a couple of days of the announcement, many people have started guessing what Apple has up its sleeve. The rumors being circulated include an iPad HD, an iPad mini and an iPad 8 GB. Lets take a long, hard look at these rumors and check out what they really are about.

iPad HD – According to listings from Griffin and Belkin, the iPad 3 might b called the iPad HD. Why HD? You might ask. Well, that’s because of the retina display that the iPad 3 is rumored to possess.  We cant say whether Griffin and Belkin, an accessories manufacturer, has the right info or not. The usage data from Tapatalk suggest that there might be an iPad HD in the works. This news was spread by Michael Fonfara on Twitter.

iPad 3 (8 GB and 32 GB) being released with an 8 GB iPad 2? – Apple’s iPad 3 might not be the only product released on March 7. As per the unique predictions of rumormongers, Apple might be planning to capture the budget tablet market by releasing an 8 GB iPad. Quite highly unlikely. A budget device from Apple has remained a fantasy till date. We don’t expect that to change overnight.

A 7.85-inch iPad Mini in the works? –  According to this unbelievable rumor, Apple might be towing a different line this time. It might have an iPad ‘mini’ under its wings. This 7.85 tablet isn’t to be released now; rather it is going into production in Q3 2012. We just thought you might be interested.