Evi’s here to slug it out with Siri

Not even a year to its release, and Apple’s stellar voice assistant, Siri might have found a competitor that outdoes it in every which way. Meet Evi, a voice assistant who does for the whole world, what Siri can only do for the U.S.


Evi, developed by True knowledge, gives answers about the whole world instead of just the U.S., which Siri does. What’s more? It is app that can be downloaded on both Android and iOS and you don’t need to buy an out-of the world expensive iPhone 4S for it.

Evi has been developed on the basis of years of experience with voice related software’s. It makes effort to understand different voice accents and user intents. She also knows a billion facts and can infer trillions more based on your need. But, the best part is that Evi can do what Siri can’t, ever. Collaborate with third-party apps. Evi can take help from Yelp and use other websites and APIs.

While we have seen where it steps up its game, there are some things that are still in the nascent stage, like the ability to put in reminders. But the acid test is to compare both voice assistants on an iPhone 4S. When asked questions like ‘How to make Apple pie?’, Siri plays kind of dumb  and asks if you want to search the web, while Evi, being intuitive, provides you a list of recipe links. Ask complicated questions like, ‘Who was president when I was born?’, Siri will straight off spurn a web search, while Evi will first determine when you were born and when you grew up and finally provide you a list of presidents during that time.

Currently, just an app, we see a lot of potential in Evi. We hope that a big company can get its hands on Evi and make it do what it really has the potential to – beat Siri hands down. Umm, Samsung, HTC, Blackberry, are you listening?

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