Eye strain reducing app F.lux now available on Android

F.lux, the app that has been helping its users reduce eye strain has finally debuted on Android. F.lux has been around on platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux and iPhone/iPad already.


What F.lux does is it removes the blue color off your phone’s screen which help in reducing the strain caused to your eyes. Staring at those blue light emitting screens for hours causes eye strain and incurs damage in the long run. This is where F.lux comes into play, it adjusts the display’s color temperature in order to avoid the blue light being emitted.

Blue light also messes up with our sleep patterns so F.lux will gradually increase the warmth (by that we mean the color, not the device temperature) of the screen as the day progresses. This means reduced strain to your eyes at night caused by the blue light coming off your device’s display.

Even if F.lux has debuted on Android, you need not jump off and start downloading it. F.lux requires your Android phone to be rooted in order to work. That’s not it, your phone should also be running Lollipop or Marshmallow (rooted of course) OS as KitKat devices may or may not work. If you own a Samsung Galaxy device, here’s another reason to get annoyed as many of those devices also won’t work. Do keep in mind that this is still a preview version and not the final release so things may not work as you want them to.

Do share your experience with us if you get this app on your Android device.

Download link: Android | Windows | Mac | Linux | iPhone/iPad