Facebook adds audio recognition to mobile apps; Can identify songs, TV shows and movies

Besides providing a host of social networking features, Facebook is now set to introduce music and TV recognition for its mobile apps.


Facebook has revealed that it has added audio recognition to its mobile app that will allow users to identify songs they are listening to. Not just songs, but this service would soon be implemented for TV shows and movies to help the user to identify the on-going TV show or movie. While the service would be available on both Android and iOS apps, it would start rolling out in the US only and would be released globally after a while.

The audio recognition service uses the built-in microphones in mobile devices to determine what music a user is listening. Facebook has partnered with music streaming companies Spotify, Rdio and Deezer to access their database which includes millions of songs. As for TV, the company has currently tied-up with just 160 live stations but plans to expand soon. On recognising the song or TV show, users can then share it with their friends instantly without having to type.