Facebook Home for Android explored

Facebook, which is said to be the most used app on mobiles, launched its new Home for Android to bring the Facebook experience right to your home screen. We will describe what the Facebook Home for Android has to offer.


Said to be designed around people rather than apps, the home screen is replaced with a Cover feed screen which is all about people and your connections. Your entire news feed is presented with full screen images and comments with one post at a time.

The Facebook Home for Android is said to be focused towards (instant) messaging. Named as Chat Heads, the service allows you to have a continuous conversations from any open app. You don’t need to close or even minimize the current app to view the messages. You can either use Facebook’s Messenger or the phone’s built-in SMS service.

While Facebook hasn’t forked the Android OS, they have worked to improve the user interface. The notification interface display content on your cover feed displaying notifications from Facebook and other apps. Also the app is expected to be updated on a monthly basis. Let us know what you think about the new Facebook Home for Android.