Facebook introduces a dedicated app for video creators at VidCon 2017

Facebook is trying more and more to push video content on its platform recently, and now it released a complete app dedicated to creators just for that. At VidCon this year, Facebook wants to reward Video creators with a more refined app that is similar to ‘Mentions’. Mentions is an app only for verified influencers with big followings like celebrities.



The new app will also have access to Facebook live along with new tools like special intros outros, custom stickers and so on. There will be a dedicated Community tan for creators where can connect with Facebook followers as well as Instagram and Messenger. The creator will also have stats about followers and details on how viewers are treating the videos.

Since last year, Facebook has been making a move towards video content and Mentions was a part of that. More importantly, Facebook trying to bring YouTube stars onto its platform. And once again the introduction of a new app is a step forward in that direction.