Google will no longer snoop your Emails for targeted Ads

Google announced on Friday it was going to stop feeding targeted ads to Gmail users. Google regularly scans Gmail content to gather relevant info to display personalisedgmail-e1498376638614 ads. Now, moving more in line with G Suite, Google has announced it will no longer users emails for such info. Google’s way of snooping on people’s messages had been a source of big controversy and this change will definitely ease privacy concerns.

Now that doesn’t mean that the Gmail has gone ads free. You will still see ads in the free version of Gmail as promoted messages. But Google will no longer target those ads based on your Gmail content. Instead, it will use the info it already has from other sources like search and YouTube.

The welcomed feature was introduced by Google senior vice president of cloud, Diane Greene in a blog post. She further said the company has doubled its customer base since last year for G Suite which now has 3 million paying companies. While the Gmail app has 1.2 billion users across the globe.