Facebook Mobile ads to generate about $1.2 billion

Earlier we told you that Facebook mobile ads are on their way and that the company  plans to introduce mobile advertising for users who connect to the site through a smartphone app. Now analysts have started making speculations.


MobileSquared which is a moblie research group has predicted that after Facebook mobile ads go live, it will bring in about $1.2 billion in about a year. This bundles down to around $6.50 per user per year which doesn’t sound all that bad.

MobileSquared also says more than half ($653.7 million) will be driven from US Facebook users, while the UK will add $166.6 million and France, Germany, and Italy will each contribute around $100 million, The final market, Spain, is expected to draw in around $70 million in ad spend. The research firm also noted that in 2012, Google’s mobile ad revenue should be around $2 billion.

Well, it seems that Facebook might finally earn some good money from its mobile department.