Facebook introduces Profile Picture Guard in India to prevent misuse of profile pictures

Facebook has announced one of the most useful features in India today. This feature is called Profile Picture Guard, and as the name suggests, it will help users prevent the misuse of their profile pictures.


With Profile Picture Guard, Facebook users can now prevent the misuse of their profile pictures. Once the Profile Picture Guard is turned on, no one will be able to download your profile picture or share it in a message on Facebook. Besides, those who aren’t friends with you on Facebook won’t be able to tag themselves or anyone else in your profile picture. Moreover, Facebook will prevent people from taking a snapshot of your profile picture where possible, however, currently, this is only possible on Android devices.


To enable Profile Picture Guard, you can tap on your profile picture after which you will see multiple options. There would be one more option saying “Turn on Profile Picture Guard“. Well, just tap on it and your profile picture guard will be active. Once you activate it, a blue colored border will appear around it along with a shield icon.


Furthermore, Facebook has also created some designs that can be added to your profile picture. “If someone suspects that a picture marked with one of these designs is being misused, they can report it to Facebook and we will use the design to help determine whether it should be removed from our community.said Aarati Soman, Product Manager, Facebook.

Soman also said that “Profile pictures are an important part of building community on Facebook because they help people find friends and create meaningful connections. But not everyone feels safe adding a profile picture. In our research with people and safety organizations in India, we’ve heard that some women choose not to share profile pictures that include their faces anywhere on the internet because they’re concerned about what may happen to their photos“.

Well, we really appreciate Facebook’s decision to introduce this tool in India. We often keep hearing about the pictures of women being leaked somewhere, including some adult sites, for one or the other reason. With this tool, we hope the female users of Facebook will be able to post their profile pictures without much worry, but again, no measures are ever fool-proof and people will always figure a way out to deal with this tool. Oh, and yes, male users, even you can use this tool if you want. Just saying, you know.

So, what do you think of this new tool rolled out by Facebook in India? For now, Facebook will be testing this tool in India and hopes to expand it to other countries soon.