Facebook trying to integrate deeper into Android phones

Imagine your phone completely revolving around Facebook, you would message using Facebook messenger, you would search using Facebook search and so on and so forth. Sounds a bit unrealistic right? Come April 4th, and this may just turn into reality.


While Facebook’s message, “Come see our new home on Android” made people think that the company is working on yet another Facebook phone, reports suggests that Facebook wants to take over the functionality of the Android devices.

Apparently Facebook wants to display content from the News Feed on the users’ home screen, which might be achieved with a widget or a launcher app. But Facebook seems to want to force its way deeper into Android in order to allow it to take over the device home screen.

Obviously this deeper integration would have to be on specially designated handsets, and not easily added to just any device, hence it wouldn’t be seen on all devices. For now only HTC has agreed to support Facebook. Our best guess is that we’ll be seeing a HTC device on 4th April.