Feature: iPhone 5 October release, LTE and other rumors

It might be surprising to hear about the iPhone 5 from us when you were actually expecting us to gush over the iPad 3. But we believe that even though the iPad 3 is hogging the limelight like anything will soon rise like sun on the horizon the iPhone 5 will be the real gem. So, here we are, before anyone taking a pick at the iPhone 5. 


After everyone dismayed over the launch of the iPhone 4S last year, the iPhone 5 seems to have disappeared from the scene. But we haven’t quite forgotten it. The iPhone 5 had us jumping with delight the whole last year. 

From being rumored to come with a full touchscreen and no home button, curved glass screen, bigger screen, a slide-out keyboard, an improved processor, Lytro technology cameras, thin form factor, better camera, 4G LTE and iOS 6, the iPhone 5 is definitely exciting. But why are we talking about the iPhone 5 again? Well, because Apple has started applying for numerous patents. And reports from Apple’s factories state that there might be another October release for the next iPhone and most of all, now that we have gotten enough of the iPhone 4S, we don’t feel too special. The iPhone 5 might be one of the best smartphones released this year. Though we aren’t no Apple fanboys, we don’t think that it would be any less than Samsung Galaxy S3 or Sony Xperia S. 
The smartphone market is changing dynamically. Androids are catching up and might finally dislodge the iPhone from its place as the market leader. Even high sales of the iPhone 4S aren’t a guarantee for success. Androids are building up. Windows has come along. The Lumia 800 has emerged as a stalwart smartphone. The whole scene has started building up for an iPhone showdown. We are biting our nails and are glued to our seats. Thanks to Japanese blog macotakara for the release date.