How to fix “Google Play Store Has Stopped” error [Android Guide]

Ever encountered ‘Google Play Store Has Stopped’? Sometimes we all face such issues on our Android no matter. It can be a faulty network, or some app interfering, or anything. It just stops you from visiting Google Play Store and prevent you from downloading apps. So to fix ‘Google Play Store Has Stopped’ issue, I have gathered some ways, let’s explore them.


1) Clear Google Play Store Cache

The most workable fix for this could be the emptying the Google Play Store cache which removes any unnecessary stored junk files and solves the problem.

To fix ‘Google Play Store Has Stopped’ error, open Settings -> Apps or Settings -> App Management and find Google Play Store app from the all apps tab. From here, tap the ‘Clear Cache’ option to clear the cache. On some smartphones, you have to select option Data storage. Also, Force Stop the app, then restart it. Check if it’s working now.


2) Clear Google Play Services

Another possible solution would be to clear Google Play Services. This is the second most common fix you can try for.

Just like before, visit Settings -> Apps and find Google Play Services app from the all apps tab. If you are on Android Marshmallow, tap the Data storage and find the option to the ‘Clear Cache’. Make sure you ‘Force Stop’ the app too. See if it works now.

3) Reset App Preferences

If the above two doesn’t work for you, you reset the app preferences which can reset the app to its original state and solve the issue.

To reset the app preferences, go to Settings -> Apps, select More and Reset App Preferences. This will make the app to its state. To ensure that the changes take effect, reboot the device and the issue should be gone.


4) Remove and Add Google Account Again

One of the workarounds for this issue is to clear problem is emptying the cache of the system app Google Play Services.

Still, if the issue isn’t resolved, you can try to re-add Google Account. Go to Settings -> Accounts -> Google, select your Google account and remove it by long pressing the recent button or the three dots on the top.

Now again go to accounts and add your Google account. Complete the steps to add your Google account again. This step might help in resolving the ‘Google Play Store Has Stopped’ issue.



5) Uninstall Google Play Store Updates

The last option you may try is to remove the updates of Google Play Store. You may have an option to remove the updates of Google Play Store and restore to its previous version. Go to Google Play Store from Settings -> Apps and uninstall updates. Select the three dots from the top-right corner or just press and hold the button. This will solve all the issues regarding Google Play Store has stored. Since Google Play Store is a part of the system so, it cannot be uninstalled or reinstall but can be restored to previous versions by uninstalling the updates.


Make sure you reboot the device so that the changes takes effect properly. I hope your ‘Google Play Store Has Stopped’ issue is been resolved. If you have figured out another way to solve this issue, let us know in the comments. Check out more guides on our How-To Guides.