Flipkart claims that Windows tablets have no demand in India

While Windows is striving hard to compete in the race, it doesn’t seem to be receiving a good response, at least in India.


According to popular online retailer in India – Flipkart, there is no demand for Windows tablets in India. The tablets seems to have no traction in the markets in India compared to Android or even iOS tablets. Research reveals that while the Windows tablet market share is lagging behind, it is expected to grow to 5.7 percent. However, as of now, Android still continues to be the favourite choice for tablets in India.

Speaking about the concerns, Michael Adani, VP, retail and brand alliances, Flipkart, said, “Our plans are demand driven, we have limited resources so we focus on what is popular. As we talk to customers or we see reviews, we will add (Windows tablets) to our portfolio if we feel there is a need.”