Fond of your iTunes library? Here’s a way to get it on your Android smartphone

If you are facing problems navigating your media libraries on your devices from different ecosystems, you aren’t the only one. Many of us have stuff like an Apple iPod /iPad and choose to have an Android smartphone. But in case you love your music, Airbind is an app that gets all your playlists from iTunes to your Android phone. 

The best part? It is free and includes Wi-Fi syncing.

There are two steps to using the app. You can set up the desktop client on your Mac/PC and launch the app on your Android. Airbind will automatically discover your iTunes library and sync with a single click. Who would have thought you could have the best of both worlds? I mean hear not only your music collection, but also the numerous free podcasts and iTunes U sessions bang on your Android smartphone. iTunes still hardly has a match on Android.

Besides Airbind, you can even use Double Twist to sync your music, photos and videos wirelessly. But this also plays Apple TV on your iPad/Mac. For that feature though, you might have to lighten your pockets by $5 (Rs. 250).


Airbind Market Link