Forbes claims that Windows Phone would beat iOS in three years

While Microsoft has been regularly reassuring the rise of the Windows Phone platform, given the dominance of Android and iOS, not many believed that it would be possible. But a new study now shows that Windows may soon take over iOS in a few years’ time.


According to Forbes, the entire Windows Phone device could easily outshine iOS in just three years. While currently Android and iOS rule the smartphone ecosystem at the first and second place respectively, Windows Phone OS is behind at the third spot and as such it is interesting to note that the platform is growing so rapidly that it could surpass iOS in three years.

Mark Fidelman of Forbes claims that Windows Phone is soon becoming the fastest growing mobile platform, mainly in the emerging markets. The platform saw a growth of 48 percent year over year in the Europe/Middle East/Africa region with Nokia, in particular, getting a whopping 366 percent increase.

Also the latest “One Microsoft” strategy which integrates the Windows Phone with Windows 8 and XBOX would also help it grow faster. Not just that, now with Microsoft acquiring Nokia, which holds the majority of the Windows Phone market, there is no reason why we can’t see the platform expanding exponentially.