Future iOS devices will boast of fitness sharing technology

The future iPhones, iPads and iPods might help you finally get that ripped body you always desired. According to new patent, Apple’s new devices will share your fitness data with other users and help you not only be competitive, but even get fitness tips on the go.


Apple has given the example of two runners on different treadmills as an example while applying for the patent. The patent suggests,” These treadmills may be located in the same building, or they may be located in different buildings, in different cities, or even in different continents, in this example, media on one media player can be shared between the two treadmills. Also, data from both treadmills can be displayed on each treadmill, thus showing the users their respective standings in the competition.”

Its not like Apple just woke up to fitness. Apple has been providing Nike+ connectivity in their iPhones and iPads from a long time. But, this time, it seems they want to take it a step further with their upcoming devices. The best part is that you would be able to share your data in real-time with the upcoming devices for e.g. if you are doing dumbbell presses, someone would actually be able to see your data, compare and advise you on how many reps you need.
One of the things to note is there is no reference to Nike in this patent, which might mean Apple might be either changing partners or coming up with fitness technology on its own. Thanks to Apple Insider for revealing the patent.