To make Lumia 800 popular, free cupcakes given out in Belgium

Lumia 800 is easily on of the best-marketed mobiles till date. After handing out free Xboxs’ in many countries, ours included, now Nokia is handing out cupcakes at train stations in Belgium.


Nokia has sold more than a million Lumia 800 phones till date. Given that it is embarking on a whole new journey with new features and a new OS, the feat is commendable. We believe Nokia’s marketing strategy has put the Lumia miles ahead of even phones like the Droid Razr, which have better specs in the same price range.

Given the large contribution of Microsoft to Nokia’s marketing, the company is making efforts like never before and why not, the Lumia 800 is single-handedly making Nokia one of the heavy names in the smartphone market rather than just a fading legend that it was.
While we don’t expect cupcakes to grandly affect sales, still they can’t do any harm, can they? We just are left to wonder that in so many years before the Lumia, why didn’t we ever get to taste such juicy treats? Also we certainly hope Samsung, HTC and Motorola do hand out some donuts to us, next time they launch a handset.