Future iPhones and iPads might come with wireless charging

Wireless charging seems the next big feature in the line of smartphone features to die for and like many other brands, Apple is too jumping on to the bandwagon, as is evident from a new patent it applied for.

Geez! We can hardly wait for wireless charging to become a reality across devices and Apple – the master of innovation has set the process in motion by patenting its own way of doing so.

How wireless charging will work in iPhones and iPads is this. Your Apple device will be endowed with an RF receiver that can receive charging from a base RF station wirelessly. Basically, the iPhone/iPad’s packaging will contain the whole system needed for wireless charging. This packaging called ‘unobtrusive packaging’ will help you receive charge like your receive Wi-Fi signals. This kind of charging will first come on only to store shelves and then we expect to become more commonplace.

Here’s what Apple says about the concept in its patent application,” Although typical packaging for an electronic media device may be designed to adequately protect the device from shock or damage, the packaging is extremely limited in other respects. For example, the ability to fully view or interact with the electronic media device while still inside the packaging is severely limited in most packaging designs. Although unobtrusive packaging designs have been developed, these designs typically do not allow electronic media devices to be interacted with while inside the packaging.”

As is evident from the filing, Apple still has a long way to go. We wish it luck and hope it comes out soon.Thanks to Apple Insider for the info.