Future iPhones might come with a Sony front cam sensor

When you generally think of a smartphone camera, you tend to think of the rear cam. The front cam lags behind since it is mostly stipulated to be used only for video chats. But, Apple, it seems, has got different ideas. It is trying to change the way we take selfies by endowing its future iPhones with a Sony sensor even in the front cam, making it as capable of taking pictures as the rear cam.


“The Japanese firm already supplies nearly all of the CMOS (complementary metal-oxide semiconductor) sensors for the current iPhone models’ rear-mounted main cameras. Apple is likely looking to switch to Sony sensors for the secondary camera on the screen side, used for taking self-portraits.”, states a new report published on Japanese business site Nikkei.

Sony has set up a new plant to comply with Apple’s demand for its camera sensors. The company has supplied camera sensors for every iPhone rear camera since the iPhone 4S. Till now, Apple depended on Omnivision for the front camera sensor, but it seems like it is shifting to Sony for better images.

Sony has been known for its camera technology and when it comes to smartphone camera technology, no company really matches up to it, with exception of Nokia.

Apple has found relative success in terms of its smartphone cameras, but while they are something every selfie-obsessed smartphone owner dreams about, the company has been facing a lot of competition on all fronts. That being said, giving us crystal-clear selfies via the front cam is an amazing idea and is something only Apple can execute with perfection. We have definitely fallen in love with the idea.