Future Nokia devices to be waterproof, thanks to the “Superhydrophobic” technology

Almost every smartphone user has a fear of spilling some liquid onto their device or even dropping it into the water when near a pool or at the beach. Well for all those users, Nokia is ready with its new “superhydrophobic” technology.


Conor Pierce, VP of Nokia Western Europe unveiled the technology at the Nokia Lumia 610’s launch in London. 

Conor Pierce said, 
The biggest challenge is making nanostructures robust enough to withstand every day wear and tear. You could put a superhydrophopic coating inside a device now because people can’t degrade it, it can’t get knocked around in your pocket. To put it on the outside is much, much tougher. But you want it on the outside because that’s where you see the effects of keeping your phone really clean.
We are still unaware about how the technology actually works, but then it is impressive enough and we wouldn’t mind having it on our own smartphones. We can expect it to arrive on all future Nokia Lumia and PureView smartphones. Until then catch the technology in action in the video below.