How about some lenses for your iPhone and iPad?

We have seen a number of accessories for the iPhone and even the iPad and here is just another one if you are an avid shutterbug.

Gizmon has launched some clip-on lenses which can easily be snapped on to your iPhone or iPad for that perfect picture.

It is whole kite that comprises of a clip that slides on top of your device and there are three different interchangeable lenses that can be screwed on top of the clip. There is a fish-eye lens, a 3 image mirage filter and a normal circular lens with a polarizer filter

gizmon-lens-effects  The fish-eye lens gives you a super wide angle and the 3 image mirage filter lens gives you three mirrored images of the subject. The polarizer lens cuts extra light and glare in your pictures and also gives you a detailed and sharper image.

For more on the lenses, just hit the link here.