Galaxy S5 might come with a 64-bit Exynos 5 processor; Development in final stages

The one feature of the iPhone 5S which the world is definitely going mad after is its 64-bit architecture. Every major company is trying to develop a 64-Bit processor and the market leader, Samsung is not too far behind. By all measures, we might see a 64-Bit processor on the next S series smartphone – the Samsung S5. We might see it soon too.


This might be easily possible for the company , since Samsung actually produces A7 chip which is the base of it all. A Samsung source has revealed that 64-Bit Exynos 5 processor is being manufactured for both smartphones and tablets – and that we might see it making its first appearance in a Galaxy S5 smartphone.

So, why the hype over 64-bit architecture? Well simply because it will give you double the output of a 32-bit processor, using the same resources. It will guarantee great performance in every department, whether it be the screen, gaming capabilities or app/ battery usage.

You can have a look at what it can do here.