Gaming on mobile phone – is it the next big thing?

Phones are getting a lot of action nowadays. They are one of the most interesting, most dynamic and the most popular devices all over the world. Now that we have grafted the camera, the Internet connection and the apps into a phone, it is time to step out into a new realm.


And what is that?  Well, it is undoubtedly gaming. Now, we have been crazy for games of all kinds ever since we got hooked to our first one. Well, mobile gaming is catching up. It is giving people freedoms they haven’t had before; it is the most cost-effective and most convenient form of gaming.


Much before the success of Angry Birds, playing Snake and Bounce like there is no tomorrow on our phones was favorite pastime. In the old times, these simple games were handed over to us as a mere formality on the part of mobile manufacturers. But after the recent boom in phones and the race to get ahead in mobile companies, there is no doubt that gaming is where the competition is headed.


A single app has also contributed to making us more tuned to mobile gaming. Yes, we are talking about Angry Birds. Angry Birds is neither a very simple or very complex app. While it is no counter-strike, it has many more features than the run-of-the-mill Java games. It is the exact cusp of heavy and light gaming and that is what has got billions hooked. Even phones like the Samsung Galaxy Note and the HTC One X have opted for the latest version of Angry Birds – the Angry Birds Space although we have no doubt that they have the capacity for more complex games.      


But that is not all; Sony has invested in the Xperia Play to bring Playstation to mobile users while Microsoft is still trying to make the Xbox Live an attractive feature of the Windows Phone platform. Some rumors suggest Sony might be preparing for the next iteration of Xperia Play. Even in the past, companies have made such efforts. Remember Nokia N-Gage?


I would like to end this piece by asking one simple question: Who has the time, inclination and the money to invest in a full-on gaming system like the Playstation and Xbox? Agreed, they are totally worth it. They are exciting as hell and have kickass functionality. But dipping sales are bringing out the fact, that we lust for something that we can carry around, be comfortable with and basically better suited to our changing lifestyles.

I would like to further state that mobile gaming still has a long way to go. There is still time before I play Smackdown Vs. Raw on my smartphone like I do on a Playstation console. But the scene is definitely heating up, I would say. Won’t you?

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