Now, get app store loyalty cards on your phone!

Are you one of those people thirsting for discounts? Are you the one carrying around coupons or bargaining hard for discounts? Well, then good news is in store for you. Well, now that people, even in India are waking up to apps they can purchase and make their life easier; we are going on to the next level.

If you are a geek and love to go app shopping, loyalty cards might the perfect thing for you. But how about an app lets you carry all your loyalty cards, bang on your mobile. It not only reduces the risk of losing your card/points and gives you the freedom to track them easily.

FidMe reads the bar code on your card and stores it, bang in the best purse you can get – your phone.  Using the NFC compatibility, you will not even need to depend upon the phone’s battery for your loyalty cards. Even if it doesn’t, you can just scan the QR code.

In case you want to avail a loyalty card, just suggest FidMe to get it and it will try it best. It can tell you the best ones available around, wherever you are.

The only rant we have about this app is that it is available only to Nokia users (although, all Windows, Symbian or MeeGo users can avail it). We hope we can get on other platforms soon.

You can download it here. Expect our full review of it soon.