How to get auto changing PIN on your smartphone [Android Guide]

Smartphones have made our life so easy that they have become an indispensable part of our life. Almost everyone has a smartphone these days, irrespective of their economic status. You can get an Android smartphone in almost every price bucket. You need not be uber rich to get a smartphone. This increased reliance on smartphones also means it has more private data accumulated in it. Photos, bank details, social media accounts, etc.


Before smartphones started shipping with a fingerprint scanner, the only way to secure them was to set a security password, PIN or pattern. Neither are passwords, PINs or patterns secure, nor are fingerprint scanners. Someone watching you while entering password, PIN or pattern can easily access data on your smartphone later on. Talking about fingerprint scanner, they only need your finger (imagine all you can). Hope you get the point.

Wouldn’t it be cool if the security PIN for your smartphone was based on some pattern or context? You don’t even have to remember the PIN as it would always be in front of you and others won’t even know of it. A PIN based on current time, date, battery level or a combination of all these means more security. It also means you get auto changing PIN. You will be entering different PIN every time, hence, even if someone manages to take a look at your PIN it would have been changed automatically by the time that person manages to get his hands on your device. Excited already? Read on as we show you to get auto changing PIN on your smartphone.

How to get auto changing PIN on your smartphone

Step 1: Download the ‘DroidLock’ app apk file from here.

Note: Download and install this app at your own risk.

Step 2: Now go to Settings > Security and Enable Unknown sources to allow sideloading of apps. Also, make sure that the PIN lock is already enabled on your smartphone before you proceed further.

Step 3: Open the apk file of the DroidLock app and then tap on ‘Install‘. Tap on ‘Open‘ after the installation is complete.


Now tap on the ‘right arrow‘ located at the bottom-right of the app screen and the provide the details asked. It’s important you remember the Master PIN that entered in this app. Tap on the right arrow again after you have filled in all the details.


You will now need to activate device administration rights for this app. Tap on ‘Activate‘. This will take you to the screen where all the required rights are listed. Tap on ‘Activate‘ again to confirm. Now tap on tick mark.


Step 4: After setting up the app, the first thing to do is to toggle the button located at the top-right corner of the app screen. This will activate the app. Also, the active PIN will always be shown in big, white fonts and the PIN type will be shown below it at the left side.

Get auto changing PIN based on Time, Date, Battery Level or a combination of them

You can get auto changing PIN based on time, date, battery level or a combination of different things. For time based PIN,simply toggle the button provided against the Time PIN option in ‘TIME’ tab. You will get auto changing PIN based on whether you the time format, whether it’s 12 hour or 24 hour. If you are unlocking the phone at 5.30 pm, the PIN will be 0530 according to 12 hour format or 1730 according to 24 hour format.

Time based PIN

To get auto changing PIN based on Date, you need to toggle the button provided against the Date PIN option in the ‘DATE’ tab. The PIN will be set according to the date format. The format will be display above the tabs at the left side. If the date is 30 May 2016 and the format you choose is dd/mm, then the PIN will 3005. If the format is dd/mm/yy, the PIN will be 300516.

Date based PIN

There’s also an option to get auto changing PIN based on the battery level of your smartphone. Toggle the button provided against the Battery PIN option in the ‘BATTERY’ tab. If the battery level of your smartphone is 90%, the PIN will be 9090. Like other PINs, this will also keep changing according to the context.

Battery based PIN (left), Geek PIN (center and right)

If you want to get auto changing PIN based on the combination date, time and battery level then Geek PIN is the one you should be looking for. Toggle the button provided against the Enable Geek PIN option in the ‘GEEK’ tab. After that, tap on ‘Set Geek PIN‘ option provided in the same tab. From there you can select the combination you want to get auto changing PIN.

If the combination for Geek PIN is date and battery then Geek PIN will be 3090 if the current date is 30 and battery level is 90%.

We hope you were able to get auto changing PIN for your smartphone and make it more secure than it already is. This app will definitely make your smartphone more secure because of the auto changing PIN. If you have any query, we suggest you take a look at this post. The developers of this app have answered many questions.

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