Get driving directions using Tata DOCOMO’s VAS – Route Finder

Getting driving direction using GPS on a smartphone is pretty easy, but what if you don’t have a smartphone. Well Tata DOCOMO has a solution for that, the company has launched its new VAS Service ‘Route Finder’ to enable its subscribers using feature phone to get driving directions. The service can also be used on smartphones (though I don’t think a smartphone user will use this service, just mentioned it for the sake of mentioning it.

According to Tata Teleservices, Route Finder has a robust database with millions of points of interest, including restaurants, places of worship, shops and hotels. It offers turn by turn directions right on your phone anywhere via SMS.

Route Finder uses triangulation is to ‘figure out’ the location and then deliver the best possible route to the destination – on SMS or on MAP.

Tata DOCOMO is offering ‘Buy One Get One Free’ Offer, which offers one free direction after the consumer request for direction for first time. So request for one direction and you will get another direction for free. Tata DOCOMO is also offering assurance to its users that they won’t be charged until their requested direction is delivered to them.

As of now this service is available in selected cities. Click here for the list of the cities where it is available.

How to use Route Finder :
Step 1: To access Route Finder, you need to send SMS to Short Code (533331) by mentioning required destination address.
Step 2: Route Finder identifies if your device is a WAP device or Non-WAP device.

  • In case phone is a Non WAP supported device:
  • You will receive directions as textual SMS
  • No charges are deducted for an invalid response
  • In case phone is a WAP supported device:
  • Receives direction as a WAP linkUpon clicking WAP link actual WAP page opens showing textual directions and route plotted on MAP
  • No charges are deducted for an invalid response  

After reading all this you must be wondering what’s the price of this service. Ahem ahem, its will cost your Rs. 5 per direction, now this is costly. I will rather use my smartphone or ask anybody on the way for the driving directions. Tata DOCOMO should offer this service at a lesser and a better rate so as to enable most of its users to take advantage of this wonderful uses.

Do share what do you think about Tata DOCOMO’S Route Finder.