Get Internet services and more through SMS thanks to txtWeb

txtweb Tired of high priced internet plans on your mobile? Need services, content and information on the go? Well txtWeb is the solution for you. It is a platform where anyone with a mobile phone can discover and consume content/services by texting specific keywords to 9243342000.
The information can include Wikipedia content, local market prices, news, sports updates, government programs, financial literacy tips etc. There are loads of apps as well that can help you get specific content of your choice.
The service is pretty simple. Just type in the keyword, for example if you want news, then SMS @news and send it to 9243342000. You will receive an SMS with the latest news updates. To download an app, for example the facebook app, just SMS @face and send it to 9243342000 to receive your facebook app.

webTXT is also great for publishers and developers as it can help you make your content and services available to billions. You can create txtSites and developing and deploying an SMS-based app on txtWeb usually takes about 5 hours.

Do check out the video below.

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