How to get news updates and weather forecast automatically on Android smartphone

What if I tell you that your smartphone can read the news and weather forecast for you automatically once you turn off the wake-up alarm? Android packs a handy feature that will use your Google Assistant with Clock’s alarm to provide you details on the news, calendar entries, and weather forecast, all you need to do is set an alarm and add the daily routines.


How to get news updates and weather forecast automatically [Android]

You no longer need to manually check on the latest news, calendar events, weather information, or reminders, your the Google’s Clock app will do it for you. To get it started, you will need to download Google’s stock Clock app in case your smartphone manufacturer’s own clock doesn’t support this feature.

Download the Google Clock app from Google Play Store.

  • Step 1: Once downloaded, launch the Google Clock app on your Android and set an alarm. To set an alarm, tap the big ‘+‘ button at the bottom and select the time.
  • Step 2: After setting the alarm, look for the Google Assistant Routine option just below the label.

You will see a new screen showing you the routines in the Assistant, you can select the ones you want to keep during the wake-up alarm. When you dismiss the alarm, this routine will do the following by default.

  • Tell me about the weather
  • Tell me about today’s calendar
  • Tell me today’s reminders
  • Play the news

If you want to add an action or command, tap on Add action.

Step 3: Tap Save and tap Allow on the next screen if you want to allow Google Assistant to tell you about the day from the lock screen.


Now the Google Assistant Routine setup is ready to use, once you wake up and dismiss or turn the alarm off, your smartphone will read news and weather, and stuff you’ve chosen to keep in the routines.

In case you don’t want, you can remove the Google Assistant Routine from the alarm by tapping the ‘‘ sign in the Clock.

That’s all you have to do to get weather forecasts and news updates automatically on your Android smartphone. Want more? Here’s some Android stuff that you might want to check out – Android tips, tricks, and hidden features.

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