Good news, No roaming charges from 2013 says Kapil Sibal

Back in May 2012, the National Telecom Policy (NTP) 2012 was approved and according to the policy, roaming in India is to be abolished.
And today Telecom Minister, Mr. Kapil Sibal has confirmed that the roaming that exists in the country will be abolished in the following year.

So sometime in 2013, all Indian mobile users will be able to use a single number all over the country without being worried about the heavy roaming charges that are currently prevalent in the country.
Speaking at a press conference the Telecom Minister of India Mr. Kapil Sibal said, “From next year. Our secretary has told you that it will be free from next year.”
Telecom Secretary, Mr. R. Chandrashekhar has on Saturday said the same thing that the roaming charges will be abolished in the year 2013 and Mr. Sibal has officially confirmed it today. But still no specific date or month has been decided and declared yet from which the roaming abolition would come into effect.