Google will now send Android notifications to users when new device has been added to their account

As gadgets get more sophisticated and smart, the security risk associated with their usage also increases. Google does roll out monthly security patches, but they can be insufficient at times. To tackle the increasing risk to user security, Google has decided to notify Android users when their account has been used to log in to a device.


Now whenever your Google account has been used to log in to a new Android device, Google will immediately inform you about the activity. Yes, Google already does inform you when your account has been accessed from  a new account, but, that is done through email. And, there are very high chances that users will often ignore such emails. Hence, Google will now notify users about such activity by sending native Android notifications.

Don’t get confused because we used the term “native Android notifications”. These are the normal notifications you get on your Android device when you receive an email, a message or something else. Once you are notified by Google and you think the activity is suspicious, you can tap on the “Review Account Activity” option to find out what device was added, from what location, and other important information.

Now users are quickly notified on multiple devices when a new device has been added. This increases transparency to the user of what actions they’ve performed and allows them to flag any suspicious activity they may be seeing on the device. We’ve also found that with Android notifications, users are up to four times as likely to review the information as compared to email notifications.said Google in a blog post.

This new feature is currently being rolled out and will take a week or two before it reaches all the users. What do you think about this new feature? Do you think it will be useful?