Google Drive updated to version 2.0; QuickOffice on its way out

Soon after the Google I/O conference, Google has released a major update for the Google Drive app with some new features and a better interface.


Google has updated the Google Drive for Android to version 2.0. The new update adds features like file info button which allows the user to share, share, start, move, send, download, rename, remove and print the files. The user can also can manage access to the file, add new collaborators and even view the detailed activity to see the changes made to the files.

Meanwhile, Google has also revealed that QuickOffice, which the company had purchased in 2012, would be pulled off from the Google Play store as it is now integrated with Google Drive. This comes as no surprise after we saw Google launch the Google Docs, Sheets and Slides app for editing documents, excel sheets and presentations respectively. Users already using the app, will able to continue using it but with no future updates.