Google working on an update to fix the battery issues on the Nexus 5

There have been a number of Nexus 5 users reporting battery issues on their devices and as per reports, Google is working on bringing an update to fix the battery drain issues on the Nexus 5.


The battery drain is said to have been caused by a bug, which initiates a camera process. The camera process keeps on working in the background, resulting in battery drain even when the device is on standby. The bug we are talking about is the mm-qcamera-daemon process, which is started by certain apps which use the camera, for example, Skype.

Google says other devices featuring the Snapdragon processor might also be affected by the bug and they will be looked after by their respective manufacturers. Google will release a maintenance update for the Nexus 5 to fix things up.

Although Google hasn’t told us when they’ll release the update, we expect it to happen soon considering the Nexus 5 is one of the popular devices.