Google Glass will come in a prescription version for people who already wear spectacles

The Google Glass has been in the works for a long time. The Google Glass Beta program is still on, but with one change – Google on the feedback of ‘explorers’ currently using the device has given them choice to swap their regular glass for prescription scale models. So, basically if you already wear spectacles, you had two choices when it came to using the Google Glass, either wear a pair of lenses under the Glass or risk having blurry vision. Well, until now.


Starting October 28, you can sign up for a swap program. You have to wait 60 days to swap your regular Google Glass with prescription scale Google Glass. Google will allow only swap per glass for the glass explorers. While we have seen monthly updates from Google to the Glass software, this is the first time that it will tweak the hardware.

Google mentions that the commercial model of the Google glass will ‘work with future lines of shades and prescription frames, and… include a mono earbud’.

Well, Now that is some innovative thinking from Google. It will surely reduce the obstacles for people with not so good vision in trying out the Google Glass.