Motorola’s ‘Project Ara’ will let you switch smartphone hardware like apps

Motorola has long been working on increasing customization in phones for a long time. After the cover changing Moto X, it is working on a new project called the ‘Project Ara’. It is working along with Phonebloks on an ‘endoskeleton’ and modules. The company has stated on its blog that it has done some ‘deep technical work’ and is not just working on the process itself, but also opening the whole thing up to community and volunteers. The stated goal of the project is the most interesting bit – ‘to do for hardware what Android has done with software’


Basically what Motorola really wants to do is develop a third-party ecosystem, lower entry barriers, increase innovation and reduce development timeline.


The suggestion for developing modules is vast and varied – these include CPU, battery external sensors and screen among other things. So, basically the motive behind the project is developing hardware choices for manufacturers and customers alike, so that they can have a wide variety to choose from and just like Android, they can get it easily. While this seems like Google’s attempt to cover the hardware industry after conquering the software, It is no secret that companies like Samsung make a lot of moolah on hardware, there is no way the would let Motorola take part in that unless, it is offering something out of the league.


Currently they are working on letting you choose and upgrade your phone piece by piece. Sounds pretty interesting for now.