Google Maps for Android updated with biking elevation info, voice controls and more

Google Maps on iOS recently got an update and today, we have a brand new update for Google Maps on Android. The update brings the version of the app to 8.2 and it brings a number of new features such as voice controls, biking elevation info and more.


The new voice controls should be handy while you’re on the move. You will be able to extract various information through voice commands like how is the traffic, how much time for the destination etc..Google has added a new microphone button to initiate the voice controls in the Maps.

The update also brings bike routes and elevation info for bicyclists to avoid unnecessary uphill climbs. It will show you the elevation info and the distance of the elevation as well. This should make it pretty easy for the cyclists to choose the easiest distance possible.

Along with the couple of new features, the update brings minor visual tweaks such as the addition of the microphone button. There are also the usual performance improvements in tow. The update is rolling out gradually to users across the globe, so don’t be alarmed if it hasn’t reached to you. In case you cannot wait, hit the source link below and download the apk file of the latest Google Maps update.