Google Maps now allows users to pay for public transportation and parking

Google Maps is a pretty important tool and the company has been introducing more and more features at regular intervals. In the latest update, Google is now integrating Google Pay in the Maps application.


This new integration will enable users to pay for parking tickets and public transport fares without having to switch between the navigation and payment apps. For this, Google has partnered with parking solution service providers Passport and ParkMobile to let users pay for parking even before reaching the designated spot.

The user just needs to tap on the “Pay for Parking” button and on the prompt dialog, just enter the needed details such as the amount of time you want your vehicle parked and the meter number for verification.

It also allows users to add extra hours of parking time if needed. The ability to pay for parking tickets goes live today across 400+ cities in the US on Android, and will soon make its way to the iOS app as well.

Google Maps is also expanding the ability to pay for public transportation fares by collaborating with more than 80 agencies worldwide. It will now allow users to pay in advance and also get information about the supported payment options at their destination.