Google Nexus S engaged to Android Nexus S

google-nexus-s  Google’s Android has been in the news lately for eating away huge chunks of the market share pie. Now the latest version of Android, called the ‘Gingerbread’ or 2.3, is just around the corner. A few hours ago, across the globe, at the Web 2.0 summit, Eric Schmidt, the Google CEO showed off the next Flagship mobile from Google, the Nexus S. Ofcourse its not relevant to the Indian audience, but yet this is a milestone in Android’s lifecycle. According to the screenshots from Engadget, it’s obvious that the Nexus S would be sold from the carrier T-Mobile in the US. He also showcased its Near Field communication capabilities. There have been a lot of rumors about Nexus S specifications and there have been a lot of leaks and speculations on the capabilities of Gingerbread. But let’s wait for the official news which will be out in a few weeks time.