Google Now Launcher now available to all Android handsets running version 4.1 and higher

After initially releasing the Google Now Launcher for the Nexus and Google Play Edition devices earlier this year, Google has now released the launcher to all Android users.


Google has announced that its Google Now Launcher will be supported for all Android devices running version 4.1 and higher. The app is still the same as it was launched and offers a near stock Android experience on any Android device. The app makes it comparatively easier to access Google Now services. The Google Now services are available by swiping to left home screen. Similarly you can search on Google using voice by saying “OK Google” from the home screen.

The Google Now Launcher is definitely a blessing for advanced Android users who are tired of the customized UI (read bloatware) offered by the smartphone vendors. With the launcher having support for Android 4.1 onward, almost all Android devices can avail this feature. You can download the launcher for free from the Google Play store.