Google Photos to end free unlimited storage from next year

Google Photos, a service launched around five years ago, is a popular offering from the company as it offers unlimited “high-quality” photo storage on the cloud without charging users anything for this.

However, that unlimited free storage for Photos is coming to an end. Google has confirmed through a blog post that the company will be ending the unlimited storage support for Photos in June 2021.


Starting from 1st June 2021, Google Photos will limit free storage to the complementary 15 GB that the company offers with every Google Account. If more storage is required, then the users will have to get a Google One subscription that starts at $1.99 per month.

It’s noteworthy that this new policy applies only to the new photos and videos that users upload after 1st June 2021. This means that anything uploaded before that date won’t count against the storage quota. Also, if the user has a Pixel 2 or later model, they will continue to get unlimited free high-quality photo backups.

Google claims that 80 percent of the Google Photos users won’t hit the 15 GB cap for at least three years. The company will also send out alerts and warnings when the user begins to approach the free-tier cap.

The search engine giant is also planning to launch new storage management tools into Google Photos. The company will launch a tool to make it easier for users to find and delete photos that are no longer needed.