Google Photos update might allow users to control Bokeh effect soon

You might be using Google Photos to keep a backup of your photos. There are some new features which might be coming to Google Photos with an update soon. These features would include the option to adjust bokeh effect and lowering the photo quality to save on storage.

Even though you won’t see any features mentioned in the article in the latest Google Photos app on the Play Store, but they might enable them soon with a future update.


There are some hints hidden in the apk teardown which suggests that Google Photos would bring two new options for Android users. One of them is adjusting the amount of bokeh. You can either make the bokeh effect more subtle or more intense according to your liking. A new set of controls would be added in the photo editing interface allowing you to do this.

Earlier, when you selected Original Quality and your cloud storage got full, you had only option to buy more storage from Google. But now, Google might be adding an option to allow users to free some cloud storage. They’ll achieve this by allowing the users to lower the quality of the images. Also, if you want to download those high-quality images uploaded earlier, they’ve got you covered. You’ll be able to download the original photos from the cloud before you select to downgrade them.

Until there’s an official announcement by Google, we can’t confirm these features. But the teardown does indicate that Google Photos would be getting quite good features real soon.