Google Pixel 4 may offer better dual-SIM functionality

Dual-SIM is a feature that we Android users have taken for granted. It lets you insert two SIM cards in the phone so that you can keep your personal and professional life separate without having to use two different phones. The second and third-gen Pixel smartphones also support dual-sim functionality, but a bit differently. Instead of letting you insert two physical SIM cards, Google lets you insert one physical SIM and have another line through the eSIM feature. However, the problem is that you cannot use the physical SIM and eSIM network simultaneously. Well, Google may finally change that with the Pixel 4.


The second and third-gen Pixels currently support Dual SIM, Single Standby (DSSS) which means even if you have both the SIMs provisioned to different networks, you can only receive calls and SMS from the SIM that’s active.


Well, recent commits to the AOSP Gerrit hint at Google improving on this with Pixel 4. Google will probably support Dual SIM, Dual Standby (DSDS) on Pixel 4 which means you will be able to receive calls and SMS on the other SIM as long as the primary SIM isn’t used for calls or SMS.

It’s currently unclear whether Google will update the second and third-gen Pixels with support for DSDS. However, if it does, the second and third-gen Pixel owners would be in for a treat.

Source | Via