Google Play will prompt users in Europe about browser and search engine choice

In order to comply with Europe’s anti-trust ruling, Google had announced that it would promote its users in Europe about other web browsers and search engines. This will be handled by Google Play and now the version 14.3.18 of the Play Store this morning contains several strings related to the “further updates” that the company is implementing in Android after feedback from the European Commission.


The company says that it will do more to ensure that Android phone owners know about the wide choice of browsers and search engines available to download on their smartphones. It will ask existing users which browser and search engine they would like to use.

Google Play will be responsible for prompting users about additional web browsers and search services and is expected to show Google Chrome along with Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Opera. For the search engine, along with Google Search, it is also expected to show DuckDuckGo and Bing.

The development comes after Mountain View-based tech giant made the change following regulatory action last year. The European Commission slapped Google with a record-setting $6.68 billion fine for violating antitrust laws with the way it bundled apps like Chrome and Google Search into Android.

Google’s initial response was to start charging manufacturers licensing fees for the Play Store and other apps while offering to include Chrome and the Google search app for free. However, SVP of global affairs Kent Walker said that the company will offer a direct choice of services.

With the new version update, the prompt dialogue box will show the apps already installed on the phone and will help set up the new device. While the exact implementation of this is not yet known, both — existing as well as new users of Android should be prompted in the coming weeks for selection.