Google releases note-taking service – Keep

In an attempt to challenge the most used note taking service, Evernote, Google launched its own service, Google Keep. The company claims that Keep would pull a considerable user from other similar services.


Google Keep is a multi-functional note-taking app that allows to save random thoughts and ideas in the form of small notes. It can also be used to manage to-do lists by creating notes with photos and even voice recordings. Voice notes will be transcribed and the notes can be synced across multiple devices.

Google Keep, which is available as both, a web and an Android app, is a complete note-taking service, which is very plain and simple. The web app uses the Google Drive to connect to the service. The Android app, which is available only for Android 4.0+ devices, looks pretty similar to an existing app called ColorNote.

Google Keep is something everyone should try, not only on your Android phones but also on the web. You can use the Google Keep service by logging to your Google account on the web or download the Android app from the Play Store.