Google’s Bouncer is here to stop malware from entering Android Market

In a fitting answer to Symantec’s fake threats to Android market, Google has unveiled the aptly named Bouncer to shield Android against malware threats. Recent threats of malware have put Google on an alert. Google has finally put in this last-ditch effort as past malware breakouts have tainted Android’s image.


The Bouncer will have three core security features. Firstly a technique called Sandboxing will create virtual walls between applications limiting the harm caused to your phone in case of breakouts. Secondly, a permission system is in place to tell you everything you need to know about the apps you install. Thirdly, now malware can be easily located and removed from you Android phone.

Basically, from now on every app, before it makes an appearance on the Android Market will actually be tested, run and scanned in the cloud. Developers who create malicious apps will be blacklisted. Google revealed that Bouncer has been monitoring apps for a while now and they have seen almost 40 percent decrease in malware threats.