Google Search app for iOS now comes bundled with Gboard, gets ‘Trending on Google’ widget

Gboard, the standalone keyboard app from Google which was first brought to iOS in last May and then on Android in December, will now come pre-installed with the Google Search app on iOS.


Gboard is a keyboard app from Google which lets you send GIFs and smileys easily right from the keyboard. Besides, it also lets you search and send information easily from within the keyboard. Gboard was available as a standalone keyboard for iOS until now, however, it will now come pre-installed with the Google Search app on iOS. To access and setup Gboard on your iOS device, just go to the Google app settings and enable it.


Apart from this, Google has also introduced “Trending on Google” widget for the search app. This widget will keep showing the searches that are trending on Google. If you find a trending search interesting, you can simply tap on it to know more.

If you want to access this widget, you will have to use 3D Touch on the app icon or swipe from left to right on your homescreen. If you want to install it, swipe right on your homescreen, scroll till the bottom, tap on Edit and then add “Trending on Google”.

Google has also integrated the 3D Touch throughout its Search app. “When you’re viewing web pages or search results and want to find out more , just hard press on the G button at the bottom of the page to instantly start a new search. Or you can hard press on Search results, Map results, and cards in your feed to see a preview of the content before opening it all the way.said Nabil Shahid, Product Manager, Google.

By the way, have you tried Gboard yet?