Google sends out press invites for Sept 15 event; Could be Android One announcement

The Android One project is something that Google is very passionate about as it is expected to bring the next 5 billion people online. While we were expecting the first handsets to be announced just before Diwali, it seems the announcement could come before that.


Google has started sending out press invites for an upcoming launch event in India scheduled for September 15. Unfortunately, the company has not provided any other information but has promised more details as the date nears. While it is just an assumption, we think that Google will announce the Android One project, with or without the local vendors involved. Although there is no official confirmation, the announcement could be made by Sundar Pichai himself.

The Android One project is said to offer handsets from local smartphone vendors like Micromax, Spice and others with direct software updates from Google for just $100 (Rs. 6000 range). However, the vendors aren’t quite happy with the pricing and trying to push the price point slightly higher, something that Google would not allow.