Google set to merge Android and Chrome OS

According to a report, Google is all set to merge the Android and Chrome OS into one operating system. Android, Google’s mobile operating system is already running on more than a billion devices which includes smartphones and tablets. Whereas, the Chrome OS, Google’s offering for laptops and desktops has only been able to capture a market share of 3%. You can expect a glimpse of this merged version next year, and its debut a year later in 2017.


As both of these operating systems are Linux-based, they have many similarities between them. This new version will power your smartphones, laptops and much more. With this step, Google is on its way to making universal apps available to all. One app for everything, be it your smartphone, your laptop or your desktop. Something similar to what Microsoft is trying to do with its Windows 10.

One of the advantage of having such an operating system will be that we will have access to the vast eco-system that Google has in it’s Play Store. Imagine having access to 1.43 million apps on your laptop/desktop. Exciting isn’t it? Sure it is. Although with the advent of smartphones and tablets the laptop/desktop sales have fallen, but, this might just change with Google aiming for this category.